VALUE PACK: 4 Black & White 23 fixes + One set of black carbon fiber + free shipping

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  • 4 black and white "23 fixes", as seen in the photo. (High quality)
  • One set of black carbon fiber fixes = fixes one pair of shoes, a left shoe and a right shoe. 
  • Free shipping worldwide. 
  • Much better value than buying items separately. 


  • Black carbon fiber: for concords, space jams, etc. Any shoe that uses black carbon fiber. 
  • The only real "carbon fiber fix" for Jordan 11 in the world is custom engineered by us. 
  • Made of real carbon fiber & the highest quality adhesive (3M custom that won't come off).
  • Simply cut, peel, and apply. Done in minutes. 
  • Your shoes will be worth double after applying our real carbon fiber fix.
  • Extremely limited amount made. Buy while supplies last! 




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